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Board of Directors

Dr. Dev Bahadur Thapa

Dr. Dev Bahadur Thapa, the Chairman of the organization is the Medical Doctor. He is from beautiful city Bhimad, near Pokhar. He is running his own private Polyclinic in Bhimad and involved in the Hospitals. He believes in team work and fund of investment. He is dynamic, energetic and active personality. His invovement to the organization is benificial and lead the organization in a academic way.
Mr. Rajendra Thapa Magar
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Rajendra Thapa Magar is the Founder Member of Tilicho Group in 2005. He started his carrier as a marketing since 1995. He completed his Masters Degree in Science and  Buddhism. He is active, creative and dynamic personality with the knowledge of good team building. He was a lecturer at Amrit Science College in 2006. During the time of Lecturer Nepal Government, Ministers Cabinate, nomiated him as a Member Secretary of Lumbini Development from 2009 to 2012. He showed his capability and proof himself as a successful administrator.
Now he is the Managing Director and CEO of the organization. Besides this he is still active in social activities like Tour De' Lumbini-pedal for peace, Umbrella Foundation, Peace & Loving Kindness Buddhist Teaching and Meditation Center Gumba and Veterinary Chemist & Druggist Association Nepal.
He is still involved in the academic field also. He is the Chairman of Bal Sansar Academy and Ph. D. Scholar in Buddhism.

Mr. Chitra Bahadur Pun
Founder Fincance Director

Founder Finance Director Mr. Chitra Bahadur Pun is Masters in Account and a successful entrepreneur in the Tourism Business. He established the international accounting system in the organization. He is calm cool and smart personality. Honesty and discipline are the main character having excellent knowledge in Financial Management.

He is also involved in different volunteer organizations like Rotery Club, Nepal Magar Sangha. He is also invester in different field like Banking and Hydropower.