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It was the year 2005, Marketing Professionals with Business Entrepreneurs have joint meeting came into reality to registered the comapny as Tilicho Trading Pvt. Ltd at Office of the Company Registrar with the aim of Trading Business with the collection of Nrs. 2,000:00 per person.

We tried to contact person to person so that we could have some product to go to the market, but unfortunately we could contact one Chemical Manufacturer, from where we brought in volume and supplied in the local market in Kathmandu.

Most of the team were from the marketing field and tried to contact with the Human Allopathic Manufacturer from abroad but due to the registration problem we paused our program, in mean time we started to contact with Veterinary Feed Supplement manufacturer.

Finally, we signed the agreement with Indian Company Ms. Varsha Multitech, Banglore based comapny and its sister concern, Varsha Lab and Amoda Pharmaceuticals. Later we signed another Asian company; Vemedim Corporation, Vietnam.

Now we are working with European Manufacturer Companies; XVET GmbH, Germany and Invesa, Spain; and planning to import vaccines too.

Now a Company is trying to modifying its business in the field of manufacturing from its own Laboratories and planning to explore in the field of Agriculture.